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Our Policies

Dear Guests:

Our policies are intended to ensure that everyone's visit is comfortable and without disruption or disappointment. Into my7th year as an innkeeper, I have learned that certain policies are essential just to run the business smoothly and are not intended to be restrictive or imposing. Most of our policies are for you and some are for me as the innkeeper so that I can get everything done each day...including those unexpected "glitches" and unexpected repairs that occasionally happen.  We will endeavor to accommodate as many special requests as we can, however it may not always be feasible. For your information, I have provided the most important policies below:


Reservations must be made on line via our secured website reservation system with a credit card to hold the reservation or in person at our office or on the phone with the proper credit card information to hold the room for future reservations. A confirmation number will be generated at this time with an email confirmation and if in person, a hard copy confirmation with a follow up email. There is no advance credit card charging for future reservations, you will be charged when you check in. We can no longer hold rooms for future reservations by phone or in person without a credit card required to generate a confirmed reservation number with a computer generated confirmation number. You will receive a reminder confirmation about 2 weeks prior to your arrival to remind you of your upcoming stay. There is no need to reconfirm that you are going to be here unless you have a special request for check in. If your travel plans have changed since you made your reservation and you cannot stay, please call us to cancel before the 72 hour arrival policy to avoid a charge for the first night stay. This is a family business and just like your paycheck, we cannot afford to have unpleasant surprises by late cancellations from which we cannot recover. 


We take most major credit cards ( We no longer accept Discover due to the long processing times), debit cards or cash. A credit card must be used to secure your reservation, however we do not debit or charge your credit card until you physically arrive on property


Our rates are based on double (2 persons per cottage) occupancy -  a  2 night minimum is typically required for holiday or special event weekends but we occassionaly waive a minimum night stay requirement based on availability. Our rooms have either king or queens size beds, all have fireplaces & 2 person jacuzzi's. See cottage descriptions for other amenities included.  We also have a small cot could be used for additional person or child at $25 per night to include the additional breakfast. Contact us about group or family lodging discounts for entire property bookings.  We always offer an everyday 10% discount for Active Military and US War Veterans.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Stated simply, we don’t markup our room rates to artificially mark down just to make folks feel better about getting a discount.  Our prices are based on what it takes to operate and maintain the property in the necessary condition to keep our guests safe and comfortable. We have not joined programs such as AAA or AARP or the other travel sites that offer discounts because of the outrageous annual membership costs would simply have to be countered with higher rates to absorb the membership charges. Most folks don’t understand that providing rate discounts actually costs the business to participate in those programs – so rates unfortunately get raised to cover membership fees and ultimately, the discount. Participating in those programs is no assurance that a member property is any better managed than nonmember properties. The reality is that we simply cannot operate a property for less than what it costs to maintain it properly. No games or gimmicks, our rates are reasonably set based on the amenities, service and privacy that our property offers as compared to other similar properties in our market. We don’t misrepresent our property with “flowery” descriptions and professionally doctored pictures that would only serve to disappoint a misinformed visitor upon arrival.   Some travelers shop strictly on price, others choose overall value. Value includes considerations beyond price such as location, quality of accommodations, food, amenities, etc.  We hope that you’ll read our reviews on from travelers and visitors just like you and see that we work very hard to provide true value for every travel dollar. Both Steve and I each have over 3 million miles in an airplane seat and countless points from staying in hotels – so we understand what the traveler expects for comfort, safety and value for their travel experience. We WANT to EARN your business, we’d love for all of our guests to return because they enjoyed and found value in their stay. We ENCOURAGE our guests to stay at another inn…and we hope that dollar for dollar comparison, we’ve EARNED your decision to come back again in the future. 


A 50% cottage deposit will be charged to your credit card account at the time of the reservation for entire (5 cottage) site bookings. If cancelled within 72 hours of arrival, deposit is not refundable. For entire facility booking of all 5 cottages, cancellation must be at least 10 days prior to arrival or deposit will be forfeited. 

Housekeeping: We begin our housekeeping process immediately unpon check out to ensure all cottages are ready for 3 pm check in. At breakfast, we will ask each of you if you need any cottage refreshing (new towels, trash removal, fresh glasses, coffee/water replenishment, etc.) If you do not come to breakfast or we happen to miss you, we request that you let us know you want a refresh or put your "Please Service" door hanger on you outside door. We will not enter your cottage without your request unless there is an emergency situation or an electrical or plumbing issue to be addressed. 


Small pets are allowed with prior approval; must be kenneled when guest is not present on property. There will be a $25 cleaning charge should we find the need to clean pet hair from our carpets or bedding or to remove the "doggie" smell from the cottage. Unfortunately, our cottages are not large enough to accommodate large dog kennels, therefore, with prior permission,  some large dogs may be acceptable. All large dogs staying without a kennel will require a minimumn $25 cleaning fee added to the visit (not per day)...this includes service dogs. We do not deny any breed of service dog, however there will be a cleaning fee applied. We appreciate your understanding, the cleaning costs of just one doggie incident can absorb any margin we have on our room rates.   

Check-In Time:

3:00 p.m. or after; please advise if very late night arrival is required.  Keys will be placed at cottage doors for arrivals after 9 pm 

Check-Out Time:

11:00 a.m. A one hour extended departure should be requested at the time of check in and will be accommodated if at all possible. However, if another guest is scheduled for arrival, we may not be able to accommodate late check out requests. 

Check-In Policies: Click here for details

Cancellation Policy:

If a cancellation notice is received 3 days or less prior to the arrival date, a 50% charge will be assessed. Group reservations for multiple cottages must be cancelled 10 days prior to arrival or deposit will be forfeited.

No Smoking: 

We are a no smoking facility, therefore smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas. Smoking inside the cottages will result in a $200 fumigation and extra dry cleaning fee for our bed linens. This if for the benefit and comfort of all of our guests and will no longer be waived. Please make sure that you have stepped away from the door of your cottage to smoke as this may result in smoke smell in the room. Running the bathroom exhaust fan does not hide the smoke smell. Please respect our property and the comfort of the next guest. Why the $200 fumagation charge...because that's what it costs us in cleaning, fumagating and lost revenue for not being able to rent a "stinky" room. We appreciate your understanding. 


Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

A Bed and Breakfast stay can be a very enjoyable experience, for both the guest and the innkeeper as long as everyone knows what to expect. The innkeeper wants to provide service above and beyond the ordinary hotel visit including exceptionally clean rooms, outstanding gourmet food and luxury amenities such as cozy plus bathrobes, high quality linens and bedding. Experienced B&B goers usually know the ropes, however some inn’s have different rules and policies, so don’t hesitate to ask. These guidelines are intended to be helpful and with the deepest respect for our guests comfort and for our desire to continue to keep down escalating costs and the price of comfortable night stay at a wonderful B&B!

Calling a Bed and Breakfast to inquire about services:

If you have never experienced a B&B inn and want to call about the services offered, it is often best to check out the website first to see if your questions can be answered from the website information first. Innkeepers are very short on time during the travel season, so doing a little research in advance will be much appreciated. However, if there is a desire to speak with the innkeeper directly, remember that morning calls during the breakfast service hour are probably the worst times to call, as are calls after 10 pm at night.  Innkeepers love talking about their inns, but would prefer that all inquiry calls typically be made after 10:30 am when breakfast service is completed and before 9 pm.  A B&B Inn is a very time consuming business and at times the innkeeper may be dealing with clogged plumbing, servicing rooms or providing support to a lodging guest. When you call and leave phone message, please be sure to leave a contact number and a brief message regarding your inquiry (lodging, wedding services, food selections, event ticketing, etc.) Once you get to your B&B destination, you’ll understand how precious the innkeeper’s time is during the day when guests are on property.

Arrival and Departure:

Inns will have specified check-in and check-out times. This allows time for the proper room/cottage turnover and essential sanitizing before the next guest arrives. If you are arriving early, please call the innkeeper first to inquire if your accommodations are ready early before showing up…likewise, if you will be arriving very late, please advise the innkeeper so that keys may be made available in a designated location for you. Most innkeepers rise very early in the morning, typically 5-5:30 am to begin the process of preparing a fresh gourmet breakfast and therefore need to retire at a reasonable hour at night.


Most B&B’s have a specified time for breakfast to ensure that your meal is fresh and hot. If you are going to be late or have made other plans and will not be eating breakfast, please let your innkeeper know in advance. Gourmet meals take considerable time for preparation and it is very disappointing to through good expensive food in the trash.

Please come to the breakfast area dressed appropriately. Shoes and shirts are always required, please no pajamas in the dining room! It is not recommended to ask the innkeeper to move your place setting to another location, it is best to ask in advance if you would like to eat outside or in your room (if it is an inn policy) vs. a common dining room. It can be disruptive to the other guests if the innkeeper has to stop the meal service for the needs of one.

Guests are not allowed in the food preparation areas during cooking and preparation by the health inspector policies. While bed and breakfast owners love to engage in conversation with guests, hanging out in the kitchen is not helpful when the rush of plating breakfast is in progress.


The innkeeper will usually ask if you want your room serviced during your stay – typically rooms are freshened up while the guests are out for the day. Innkeepers respect your desire for privacy, so we are happy to hand you fresh towels or necessities following the breakfast service hour. Soiled towels and trash can be placed outside your door in bags provided by the innkeeper (please do not mix the two). If something has broken, please notify the innkeeper at the earliest convenience so repairs or replacements can be provided. Unless it is major problem, blocked plumbing or heating and cooling, it is appropriate to notify the innkeeper first thing in the morning.

Room Amenities

For folks that are experiencing their first B&B stay, you’ll find room amenities, luxuries, fine furnishings and other conveniences to make your stay more enjoyable.  Most inns provide complimentary waters or sodas in your room each day. Beyond the complimentary amenities in your room when you arrive, you should plan on bringing your own additional drinks, snacks or other special goodies since a bed and breakfast is not an “open pantry”.

Please treat the innkeeper’s possessions as if they belonged to your best friend. Do not move or rearrange furniture in the rooms or remove wall hangings in the rooms.

Do not use the towels for wiping up spills or cleaning personal items. Facial wipes are typically provided for make-up removal, bleaching will not take out waterproof mascara and some foundations.  


Just as in your neighborhood at home, keeping noise and loud music down after 10 pm is expected at a bed and breakfast to respect the privacy and relaxation of your fellow guests. Please ask the innkeeper to address a noisy guest.


The innkeeper will advise you of designated parking during your stay. Unless otherwise stated, please respect the parking needs of the other guests. If you need a cloth for cleaning something off your car, please ask the innkeeper for rags, do not use the lodging towels. These are very costly luxury towels for your indulging during your stay.

Tipping Etiquette:

In general, tipping etiquette dictates that business owners are not given tips.  If your room was comfortable and clean, it is appropriate to tip the housekeeping staff, especially if they are not part of the innkeeper’s family. Tip them as you would in a hotel, housekeeping, just like waitressing, is a minimum wage job dependent upon tips. If something has not been addressed or was missed by housekeeping, then tipping is not expected. Please notify the innkeeper at your earliest convenience or upon departure of the deficiency.




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